Vegan Pizza for the Win

Vegan Pizza For the Win

When most people hear the word pizza, their eyes light up. However, when you add the word vegan, people picture cheese-less slices of cardboard, and that is so far from what vegan pizza truly is. Whether you love sausage or pepperoni, extra cheese or loaded with vegetables, bbq or buffalo chicken, there is a vegan substitute. Not only will your vegan pizza look and taste great, it will be much more heart healthy. Traditional pepperoni, sausage, and cheeses are loaded with cholesterol and bad fats. Meat and dairy not only are the main cause of heart disease, but they are also carcinogenic. That’s right; meat and dairy cause cancer (and most other chronic illnesses). Leaving meat and dairy off of your pizza can lower your blood pressure, help prevent heart disease, reduce your risk of diabetes and obesity, and lessen your risk of getting cancer.

Hot Stones Pizza catering company
Hot Stones Pizza catering


Here are some common pizza ingredients used by the Hot Stones Pizza catering company

, along with their delicious vegan counterparts:

1. Crust – You can find a variety of vegan crusts in your local grocery store.

  • Pre- baked: Rustic Crust, Mama Mary’s (US)
  • Refrigerated  Pizza Crust Dough: Pillsbury (US), Aldi Crescent Rolls or Dough Premade by the grocery store or a pizza restaurant (UK & US),
  • Boxed Pizza Crust Mix: Namaste (Gluten Free), Bob’s Red Mill (Gluten Free and Regular)

2. Cheese – There are many brands of vegan cheese. You can find mozzarella, cheddar, American, ricotta, parmesan, and even exotics like goat cheese or gouda at natural grocery and big chain grocery stores like Whole Foods in the US, or Tesco in the UK. In the US, Follow Your Heart, Daiya, and Go Veggie  are all great brands, and depending on your area, there are many local artisan vegan cheese makers that you can find. If you are in the UK, Violife, Vegusta, MozzaRisella, Veganic Vegan Pizza Cheese, Tofutti, and Tesco are all great brands available to you.

  • Pepperoni /Sausage – Tofurkey, Yves (US); Tofurkey, Linda McCartney, VBites, Fry’s (UK)
  • Chicken – Tofurkey makes soy and wheat based chicken in several flavors, and West Soy and Upton’s Naturals make a premade seitan (a wheat based meat substitute) that comes in several flavors as well. In the UK, you can also find Tofurkey, VBites, and Quorn, as well as many others.
  • Smoked Tofu and Tempeh Bacon are also wonderful replacements for things like bacon.

If you are in the UK, Vegusto also makes wonderful vegan meats. Additionally, Fry’s, Linda McCartney, Quorn, and VBites all make vegan meats that are wonderful for pizza making. You can visit the websites of any of these products to find them at a store near you

Whether  you are craving a loaded meat pizza, or something loaded with veggies, you can certainly satiate your taste buds in a healthier way with a vegan pizza. The best news is that nowadays, even if you’re too lazy to cook, you can enjoy a great vegan pizza at a restaurant or even takeaway. In the US, you can visit chains like Mellow Mushroom and Blaze Pizza, as well as many local pizza places offering vegan cheese options. You can find a helpful list of vegan takeaway pizza in the UK on the PETA blog. Whether you are a vegan who has been living a life without pizza, or an omnivore hoping to find a healthier way to live (or enjoy a healthy slice of pizza) is no excuse not to give it a go. There are so many delicious vegan pizza options  out there waiting for you to sample. Mangia!

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