Take 5 minutes to prevent heart problems

prevent heart problems

Take 5 minutes to prevent heart problems by doing small activities each day. There are ways to avoid heart problems while being at work.

It’s time to listen to a song or two on your iPod while you take a walk to avoid heart problems. This is at least what a study from the University of Indiana shows. The study was carried out on men sitting without moving their legs lost 50% of their arterial functions after only one hour. 

It gets worse with time spent sitting without much movement. This result is worrying when we know that deterioration of blood vessels and arteries is the main cause of heart problems. So why not set a time or get yourself one of the activity monitories to strap around your wrist to remind you every few hours?

A quick 5 minutes break to walk about is enough to eliminate the risk of heart failure for three hours of sitting. More to the point, prolonged sitting can cause swelling and stiffening of your legs.

When this happens, inflammation can occur which eventually lead to arterial dysfunction. Movement, Walking, stretching boosts your blood circulation and prevents swelling says the study author, Dr S Saurabh Thosar.

This is unknown to many and continues to be buried in their keyboards or paperwork at their desk based jobs. It is clear that you don’t need to run a marathon to have a healthy heart or jog every day for better cardio. Even those who run probably would end up sitting in one spot for more than few hours at their work.

Maintaining a healthy heart is important than your work. I am sure that most employers will not mind if you took a 5 minutes break in between every few hours. In fact it’s a mandatory law to provide at least 15 minutes break for every 4 hours worked in some countries if it involves staring at the screen. Why not split that break into multiple small breaks to stretch yourself to avoid heart failure in the long run?.

Good diet is equally important for the long term health of heart but blood circulation will cost you dearly if you don’t look after yourself.

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