Best ergonomics and posture tips to prevent pain

good posture and ergonomics

Best ergonomics and posture tips to prevent pain. Posture is essential to avoid muscle tension and increase your overall fitness.

Here are some good tips on how to prevent long term pain.




General Posture Tips

  • Sitting or standing, stretch as much as you can upwards.
  • Keep straight and hold chest high.
  • Work your shoulder blades as if you were holding a pencil between them.
  • Use proper handling techniques to pick up any items from the floor without hurting your back.

In Car position

When driving ensure to keep back straight and elbows angled at 70 °. In other wards don’t adjust the seat too far back from original position. Never turn around (even stop) to talk or grab something from back passenger seats. This will cause a terrible pain as you would have pulled your muscle. Not only does it affect Neck but also your back.

Picking something up from the floor

When you need to pick something up from floor, make sure you put your feet on either side of the object and bend your knees to get down. You would have seen the warning signs on Health and safety manual handling posters or at work place. This method will prevent you from obtaining a long term back pain.


Desk based work

Adjust your seat so that your eyes are directly in front of your screen. You shouldn’t have to lower or raise the head to read something up on the computer screen. If you were reading a document, pick it up and hold it in front of you to avoid bending head.

Nowadays, mobile phones have taken a special place on your desk and often you will not be allowed to use mobile phone at work. Sometimes you will end up texting or checking out Facebook while bending your head down to avoid being spotted.

It might be tempting to read a friend’s post or simply chatting to friends on WhatsApp, but think about the long term impact it has on your health. If you repeatedly do this over the course of week you will end up with a stiff neck. This is one of the common mistakes in posture.

The elbows should be bent at 90 degrees. Try not to cross your legs while sitting on your chair.

You can prevent further injury by getting yourself ergonomic keyboard, foot rest, back support or any other aids.


Talking on the phone

If you are a call centre staff, use a headset or speaker to avoid stalling the phone between ear and shoulder. Even if you are talking to a friend or family for any longer than 5 minutes, use a headphone or speaker to talk to them. Failing to follow these may give you chronic neck pain in the long run.


Conclusion on posture and ergonomics

In all injuries obtained it is clear that it’s due to bad posture and ergonomics facility. So adapting an early posture technique will keep you fit and healthy in the years to come.

Stretch, move around, keep straight and don’t bend!

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